WorldSpeak elementary and preschool feature a full-immersion French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian language program that focuses on a child’s unique “window of opportunity” to absorb a new language naturally. Children are exposed to a second language 100% of the time through music, games, and arts. They have fun, make friends and at the same time they learn how to speak in another language.

Our teachers: Lao Shi Yan – ChineseMaestra Michaela – Spanish; Maestra Yolanda – Spanish; Music and Dance Class; Transitional Kindergarten

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Since the school was open in 2001 more then 2,000 students have taken WorldSpeak classes in our studio and preschool locations as well as on school grounds in Los Angeles, Malibu and South Bay. WorldSpeak participates in an ongoing UCLA study on children learning new languages.  See VIDEO of Spanish Group     See VIDEO of Chinese Song

Interview with Angelika Putintseva by CNN reporter Reven Davis

It's easy for children to learn when it comes to a language.

Children are natural learners and new language comes easy to them if done in happy relaxed environment. Our program, based on non-competitive activities, helps children not only learn Spanish but also develop a positive self-image, confidence and love for learning.


French Teacher Natalie is originally from Paris. She is one of very first WorldSpeak teachers who started with the school more then 8 years ago. So many parents are familiar with our French Preschool Morning program and so many of children who started with us as babies and toddlers speak French fluently now


Interest for Chinese is on the rise and for good reasons. It is fasinating and beautiful language with the great future!

The idea of raising bilingual children is appealing for more and more families these days, and growing up with more than one language has many advantages in today's World.


Teacher Galina is a native Russian speaker and award-winning Russian teacher. Russian classes include folktales and poems of Marshak and Agnia Barto. Children learn the Russian alphabet through songs, art and games.

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From the page with Tom Cruise in In Style magazine to "The New York Times", CBS News reporters, USC and UCLA parents and 5-star award from LILA Guide - our Wall of Fame is an interesting place to visit.

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