Math Circle and Chess Class

MATH CIRCLE 2016/2017

WorldSpeak presents an intensive math program based on the UCLA Math Circle curriculum. The approach we use helps a child to develop mathematical thinking and acquire deep understanding of mathematical concepts, which help in succeeding in math and life in the future.

The program is designed to be fun and entertaining. Most of the time, children don’t even think that our course is a math class as it naturally feels engaging and interesting.

UCLA Math Circle Satellite at WorldSpeak taught by UCLA Math Professor Dr. Oleg Gleizer and WorldSpeak Math Teachers Narek, Angelika and Maria.
Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to register your child for a fun and deep math program!

Math Circle:
Wednesdays: 4.30-5.20 pm (Kinder)
Thursdays: 3.20-4.10 pm (1st Grade)
Tuesday: 3-3.50 pm, 4-4.50 pm, 5-5.50 pm (1-2 Grades)
Tuesday: 3-3.50 pm, 4-4.50 pm (4-5 Grades)

Math Kangaroo & Math Circle:
Friday: 3-3.50 pm, 4-4.50 pm, 5-5.50 pm (1-2 Grades)
Friday: 4-4.50 pm (4-5 Grades)

International Math Kangaroo preparation classes offered for grades 1 through 5. It is a great opportunity for your children to become national champions!

Chess with Robert Shlyakhtenko, National Chess Master on Friday evenings 6-6.50 pm.

Thank you for building a community for our mathematically inclined children!

Tuition is $250/month twice a week 50 min classes. Two last month tuition is required at enrollment. 60 day notice to withdraw at the end of your study. To sign up for student evaluation please email us at


Prof. Oleg Gleizer is the program leader. He is also teaching the Junior Circle group, grades 4-5, every Tuesday at 3pm and 4pm, and observing and supervising the work f every group.

Teacher Narek is teaching the Early Elementary group 1st-2nd grade.

Teacher Michaela is WorldSpeak Director. She will answer your questions about daily operation, payment, homework, missed classes and enrollment into Languages, Chess, Language Arts, and any other WorldSpeak camps or programs you may be interested in.

Angelika is the school founder and advocate for gifted education.


– Understanding numbers
– Number conservation phenomena (Piaget Phenomena)
– Why the concept of less or more is so confusing?
– Class inclusion (what is there more of, men or people?)
– Value
– Area
– Fun of Geometry
– Right angle
– Regularities
– Critical thinking: What does not belong?
– Pattern recognition
– Intersecting classes
– Mosaic and Axal Symmetry
– 0-100 chart
– Skip-counting
– Multiplication for 5 year-olds
– Commutativity

March 2016

Welcome our newest class addition – chess class is here!

We had so much fun learning one of the most complicated yet attracting games. Besides chess books, we had a great and experiences chess teacher teaching us all the rules and moves.

Let’s take a look.