WorldSpeak on the Biggest Chinese Newsletter

WorldSpeak was on the biggest chinese newsletter!

Founding director Angelika Putintseva talked about the concept of multilingual education for children, and the importance of Chinese language in the US.


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WorldSpeak on Channel 18

WorldSpeak is on TV!

Take a look at Teacher Yan,and other WorldSpeak parents on Channel 18 talking about multilingual education for children.

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Gardening Project

We just started our gardening projects with different seedlings.

image (12)

To support our gardening project, we welcome any parents’ volunteer or donation, please contact us for details.

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The bilingual child: The second or third language for elementary school children

Join us for FREE informational workshop:

December 6, 11AM

The bilingual child: The second or third language for elementary school children

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.53.48 PM

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Animal Show

Yesterday, WorldSpeak School invited a professional crew to perform an amazing animal show for the students.

The animals include turtle, komono, snakes, world’s largest lizard, and many more. All children had a chance to touch and learn about the animals. It is a really meaningful and fun day for everyone!

Animal Show
Animal Show

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Chinese Children’s Day Program:

On June 1, 2015, WorldSpeak had a great Chinese Children’s Day Program. The program was funded by the APALA/AILA Talk Story Grant, and many parents and children participated, including some of the WorldSpeak families.


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WorldSpeak on Voice of America:

WorldSpeak is on TV!!!

Voice of America made a long post with video featuring WorldSpeak Founding Director Angelika Putintseva. (To see the whole video program, click here.)

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Upcoming Multi-aged Languages Summer Camp:

Dear Parents,

WorldSpeak is having a multi-aged languages camp for 5yr to 10 yrs old in Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Russian this coming summer.

In the spirit of our long term friendship we wanted to share this with you so you, if possible, can share it with your elementary school community. I am sure there may be children and parents in your elementary school who would like to practice their native tongue or learn a new languages over the summer. They may be grateful to you for this info and opportunity. 🙂

See flyer attached. It may be shared through school board, or may be FaceBook, or may be parents email list, – whatever is the best and commonly used in school.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.48.03 PM

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Upcoming open house: 

Preschool and Elementary – Westwood Campus: Every Friday in May at 9am
Nursery – Malcolm School House: April 28, Tue, 9am

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June 2015

Language Puppet Theatre at WorldSpeak

A unique theatrical event: 4 language immersion shows followed by 30 min of cultural arts and craft. Bring your child to meet other children who speak French, Spanish, Chinese or Russian and make language learning culturally enriched and fun. Best for preschool age (2-4 yr-olds).puppet-flyer copy

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April 2015

Multilingual Fair

WorldSpeak Founding Director Angelika Putintseva is invited to take part at the Panel of experts on Multilingual Education. Please, come to 11am panel to learn about advantages as well as challenges of learning 3, 4 and 5 languages simultaneously, get inspired by great success stories and learn in depth on how children effectively learn multiple languages.


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December 2014

K-12 Multilingual Immersion Private School Open House

We just had another open house for the K-12 Multilingual Immersion private school. We shared a lot of information and had great talks with our future parents.

We hope our future students will also enjoy the time of this program!


Christmas Party at WorldSpeak

We had an amazing Christmas party this year!

Everyone joined the show, singing and dancing. We looked back to our 2014 with great food and friends.

Merry Christmas from WorldSpeak to all parents and friends!


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UCLA Faculty Center Teachers’ Dinner

An amazing year has come to an end. All of our teachers have gathered in UCLA faculty center to celebrate Christmas and new year.

Thank you all for your support. We had a great 2014, and we are ready for a better 2015!


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October 2014

Diwali at WorldSpeak

On October 23, 2014, we celebrated Diwali, the Hindu “festical of lights.” It signifies the victory of knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair.


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