All-Included Afterschool Center

After-school program has most of what WorldSpeak language immersion school for gifted has to offer.

• Safe and comfortable atmosphere with small teacher to student ratio
• Advanced Math program and preparation for Math competition
• Language immersion classes: Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Russian
• Homework club to make sure the work is finished before going home
• Nutritionals meals for full-time after school students (pre-ordered at $3/day)
• Development activities and fun learning

Daily schedule:

• (if available) pick up from your school ground
• Math class
• Chess games
• Preparation for AMC (American Math Competition), Math Kangaroo Competition
• Chinese / Spanish / French as:
o Art and Craft (Gallery presentations at the end of each month)
o Dance, creative movement, yoga in the language
o Cooking class in the language
• Homework club

1. Full-time languages after school 3pm-5:30pm $500/month for 5 d/wk, $400/month for 4 d/wk, $300/mo for 3 d/wk.
if pick up from your school is available, your child will be picked up at the end of your school day 2:30, or 1:25, etc.
2. Specialty classes. Math Circle Satellite: $250/month.
Math class is 2 days/week: Tuesday Lecture + Friday practice to prepare for AMC, International Kangaroo Math Competitions.
3. Chess, $80/month. 50 min class Tue 6pm or Fri 6pm.

How to apply:
1. Entrance interview. Bring your child to visit WorldSpeak school for an interview and meet your teacher: Math, Chess, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian or German. Math exam is required for Math Circle class.
2. Register with your 2 last months tuition. It is a non-refundable fee and applies to your last 2 months in the program.

To learn more about the program, please email the following information to WordSpeak Admission Director Angelika Putintseva at

(You will receive the confirmation for your contact.)

– Child’s Name and Date of Birth
– Child’s Current Grade
– Parents’ names
– Telephone numbers and Address
– Programs you are interested and Math grade level (for Math Circle class)
– When would you like to start your child’s enrollment

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