Meet Our Team of Educators

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Owner/Director Angelika Putintseva
Teacher Angelika is the founder of Worldspeak School in April 2000 (formerly Known as Baby-Genius School). She has two Master of Art degree: MA in teaching foreign languages and MA in journalism. She’s been teaching languages to adults for more than 8 years. Among her students were journalists from New York Times, CBS, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest. In 1999 she gave birth to her son Max and decided to devote herself to teaching children. With a special training in early children development, Angelika created a school for her son and other kids to use the amazing ‘window of opportunity’ to get a jump-start in life.
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Site Director Michaela Amezquita
Maestra Michaela’s parents are both from Jalisco, Mexico; and her mother also has Cuban descendants. Michaela was born here in beautiful Los Angeles and was raised solely speaking Spanish at home. Maestra Michaela began to learn her second language of English when she entered grade school. Michaela has came a long way earning her Early Childhood Education Degree June 2012, as well as being a mother to her handsome six year old son and 10 years of experience as a School Director/Teacher. Michaela met Angelika December 2012 and was taken back by the very unique concept of a Full Immersion School. Her experience and education made her more then qualified to be a part of the school, and was asked to hop on board January 2013. Since then she had the first hand experience to hear her students speak Spanish with ease and pleasure. She could not be more pleased with the full immersion curriculum philosophy and results.


Site Director Julia Fuente
Teacher Julia was born and raised in Yukatan, Mexico; home of the famous Mayan pyramids. As an older sister of 12 siblings, she still managed to earn her Degree in Early Childhood Education at the age of 21. She then took the opportunity and opened her own school servicing 22 children. In 2002 Teacher Julia came to Los Angeles and immediately continued her schooling in early childhood education, she proudly earned her degree a couple years later. As a natural born Spanish speaker, Teacher Julia was a perfect candidate for WorldSpeak and has now been a part of the school for five years. She has since worked at four different centers and taught thousands of lessons.


Teacher Nathalie Bensimon
Teacher Nathalie, is from Paris, France and has been a French instructor at WorldSpeak for over 10 years. She has since taught every level of French from babies to adults. This has been made possible through Arts and Crafts, songs, music and movement and much more. She has mastered the step by step process to make learning French fun and effective.


Teacher Yan Zhou Ericson
Teacher Yan was raised and born in Shanhai, the biggest city of mainland China. Her sister, whom still resides in China is also a teacher. Teacher Yan started her teaching as a tutor of Mandarin in Shanghai.
She got married and moved to LA in 2006. She has a son named David and lives with her husband in Brentwood. She found WorldSpeak and teacher Angelika in summer of 2011 and started working with Teacher Angelika in January 2012. Teacher Yan likes teaching Chinese in WorldSpeak as they are learning not only the language but a Chinese culture. Trained in WorldSpeak method of full immersion she is comfortable conducting the class fully in Chinese. She hopes all the children enjoy the time spent in WorldSpeak Mandarin class. She says she feels so happy when she hears her students speaking in Mandarin.