Transitional Kindergarten

July 2015

Summer is not only hot outside, but also “hot” in TK too!

We started our special summer camp journey, and it has been great.

We learned so much about art, culture, language, and etc.

Here are some of the fun photos:

(Chinese Calligraphy)IMG_6175

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May 2015

Another holiday is here – Cinco de Mayo. It is a fantastic experience to involve in different cultures. We dressed up, had a traditional feast, and learned a lot about Mexican culture. Here are some photos:


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April 2015

Since Easter is around the corner, we also did some egg-themed projects. Here are some photos showing us making the process of “hatching chicks” (“fu Xiao ji”)


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March 2015

This month, we learned about my past, present and future. We talked about our growth, and our dreams for future. Everyone made a nice chart with drawings, then tried to talk about it in paragraphs.

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January 2015

Our TK students are making great progress in the new year! Besides finishing the monthly academic plan, we also learned a lot in Mandarin. We can read, write and speak all of the Chinese PinYin. Let’s see some photos and videos below.

P.S. We love science experiments!


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November 2014


Monthly Academic Plan

November Math

Week 10
What number is missing in between
Counting up and down
Square Graphs
Fill in the missing numbers

Homework samples:

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