Director Profile

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Teacher Angelika is the founder of Worldspeak School in April 2000 (formerly Known as Baby-Genius School). She has two Master of Art degree: MA in teaching foreign languages and MA in journalism. Among her students were journalists from New York Times, CBS, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest.With a special training in early children development, Angelika created a school for babies and young children to use an amazing ‘window of opportunity’ and learn multiple languages early in life.
Angelika was one of our main Russian language teachers for a full year in New York City.She is quick, highly resourceful and imaginative, and above all, very hard working and dedicated.
Alessandra Stanley
The New York Times
Angelika has a very creative way of teaching and varied the structure of the course so it was always an enlightening experience.
Cinny Kennard
CBS News
I chose your classes because they were simply the best to be found in the Los Angeles area. Your curriculum is the only one to combine concern with children’s developmental growth and sensitivity to their creative potential with attentiveness ti their intellectual promise.
Professor Charlene Villasenor Black,Ph.D.
University of California,Los Angeles.
Our daughter Madeline has been thoroughly enjoying Russian-language classes over the last couple of months. She and I both enjoy the low-key friendly atmosphere in the class, the variety of things to do, and the amazing inventiveness of art projects that you come up with.
Vitaly Kresin
Associate Professor
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Southern California