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2015 Educational Forum for Families with Intellectually Curious Students

We are very proud to announce that our school founder and director Angelika Putintseva has presented in the 2015 Educational Forum for Families with Intellectually Curious Students this February 22nd. Over 420 families (around 1,300 parents and students) had signed up for the event made it one of the largest registrations for our Forums to date. We estimate that at least 600 people ultimately attended the event.

This forum has participating organizations including John Hopkins University Center of Talented Youth, Institute for Education Advancement, and etc. We are very honored to be a part of it and bring WorldSpeak into global attention.

Angelika gave a great speech during the event and participated parents are very interested to ask a lot of questions. Here is a short summary of it:

“On Learning a Second Language … or a Third – w/ Angelika Putintseva, WorldSpeak Language Immersion Private School”

There are many documented advantages to learning a second language, particularly at an early age. By becoming conversant in another language, it is known that one gains a greater appreciation of other perspectives, of other cultures and of other points of view, all of which foster a greater receptivity to new experiences and a wider curiosity to explore new ideas, or delve further into old ones. It is no surprise, then, that those who learn new languages tend to achieve in school and in life after graduation. Yet learning a language successfully requires more than conjugating verbs or modifying sentences. Come discover how you can enable your child to learn a new language effectively so as to reap the benefits of being multilingual.

Here is a video clip of the speech.

Also, here are more photos from the event.

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