Event – Multi-aged Languages Summer Camp


Multi-aged Languages Summer Camp

Dear Parents,

WorldSpeak is having a multi-aged languages camp for 5yr to 10 yrs old in Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Russian this coming summer.

In the spirit of our long term friendship we wanted to share this with you so you, if possible, can share it with your elementary school community. I am sure there may be children and parents in your elementary school who would like to practice their native tongue or learn a new languages over the summer. They may be grateful to you for this info and opportunity. 🙂

See flyer attached. It may be shared through school board, or may be FaceBook, or may be parents email list, – whatever is the best and commonly used in school.

We wish you a wonderful summer and Thank you for remembering your WorldSpeak teachers and staying in touch!

Teachers of WorldSpeak. 🙂

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