Event – WorldSpeak on Voice of America

WorldSpeak on Voice of America

WorldSpeak is on TV!!!

Voice of America made a long post with video featuring WorldSpeak Founding Director Angelika Putintseva. (To see the whole video program, click here.)

The post says:

“That is why some nonimmigrant American parents are exposing their children to another language as early as preschool, said Angelika Putintseva of the WorldSpeak School, a language-immersion school in Los Angeles.

“We are on the frontier of multilingual education, so it is not only one language, one second language that the child is learning with us,” she said. “We are teaching second, third, fourth, and some children speak five languages.“

The Los Angeles public school system expects its language-immersion program to continue to grow. The ultimate goal, many educators said, is to offer the programs from hindergarten through the 12th grade, so graduates are truly citizens of the world.”

Read the whole post and watch the full video on the link below: