WorldSpeak on Voice of America:

WorldSpeak is on TV!!!

Voice of America made a long post with video featuring WorldSpeak Founding Director Angelika Putintseva. (To see the whole video program, click here.)

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We are very proud to announce that WorldSpeak School was presented on Chinese TV.

Issue about our School was on air on Channel 18

Interview with Angelika Putintseva by CNN reporter Reven Davis



Spring at WorldSpeak

Multilingual Fair

WorldSpeak Founding Director Angelika Putintseva is invited to take part at the Panel of experts on Multilingual Education. Please, come to 11am panel to learn about advantages as well as challenges of learning 3, 4 and 5 languages simultaneously, get inspired by great success stories and learn in depth on how children effectively learn multiple languages.


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Educational Forum for Families with Intellectually Curious Students

We are very proud to announce that our school founder and director Angelika Putintseva has presented in the Educational Forum for Families with Intellectually Curious Students this February 22nd. Over 420 families (around 1,300 parents and students) had signed up for the event made it one of the largest registrations for our Forums to date. We estimate that at least 600 people ultimately attended the event.


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