Field Trips


January 26 2016

Teachers, Parents and Kids had a great time during Fowler Museum Field Trip!

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January 06 2016

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to announce our first field trip in 2016!
All Students TK-12 are required to participate in art program that addresses the Los Angeles Core Curriculum Content Standards. In order to meet these standards, we have planned several on-site and off-site field trips that have included four arts disciplines in the standards.
Our first field trip will take place:

January 19th  10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Fowler Museum

Our students will be visiting the Fowler Museum at UCLA to view Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives.

This exhibit features approximately 250 of the finest objects from the Fowler’s collections, inspiring visitors to contemplate how art exacts wonder, imparts knowledge, and affects people’s lives around the world. The works of art featured in Intersections: World Art, Local Lives are primarily from Africa, Asia, Pacific, and the Americas, and they range in date from the first millennium BCE to the present.

Our group of kids will be split in two, so half of our group will be visiting the exhibit with a guided tour and the other half will be up in UCLA Museum studio doing an art project related to the exhibit (for the Intersections exhibit the art project is mask making), halfway through your time slot we switch the groups that way all of the kids get to experience both aspects of the visit. The Program is run by UCLA art specialist.
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We are going to take students from World Speak School to the Museum using Bus # 1.

For this field trip we have a great ratio 1:4
(1 adult per 4 children).

If parent would like to participate as a chaperon in this field trip, please provide TB test and let Teacher Michaela know.

The Schedule of the departure and arriving

We are going to leave school at 9:10 am sharp.
Please do not be late.

We will walk to the Bus station
(Westwood NB & Ohio NS) aprx. 10 min

We will take the bus #1 at est. time 9:22AM

We will arrive to the bus station
(UCLA Terminal) by est. time 9:35AM.

We will walk to the Museum aprx. 10 min

We will be arriving at the museum est. time 9:50AM

Field trip is going to be from 10:00AM till 11:30AM

We will be back at the school by est. time 12:15 AM

Please sign up release form for your child to take the trip.