Language Immersion Elementary

What School is Right for Your Family?

Finding a school that’s the right fit for your family is very important. Parents need to know and share the school values. It will bring the collaboration between the school and the family to the highest level and will benefit the child the most.


WorldSpeak School values are:

– We believe that each child has a huge potential! Our goal is to recognize this potential, recognize the talents as well as challenges and bring the student to his highest level possible. We Believe In Our Kids Tremendously! We believe that they are destined to the GREATEST future!

– We believe that the World is beautiful and strong but it needs our help, our active participation, our afford is to make it better. Knowing multiple languages is our students’ path to do their part in making a better World for themselves and others. We believe in caring for the World through listening, speaking and understanding each other no matter if we speak in different languages. It is our path to bring more listening, speaking and understanding into the World.

– Small classes and strong relationship between the student and the teacher is our every day reality.


Basic Guidelines

Yearly Schedule

Our academic year typically begins the first week of September and ends at the third week of June. There are regular government holidays and only one recess – two weeks winter break. There are no other breaks, pupil free days, etc.

Daily Class Schedule
• 8:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Through our Learning in Three Languages Program, children are offered an opportunity to develop proficiency and literacy skills in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English.

Age Requirement
Children must be at least 4 years and 10 months old by the time they begin at elementary school.

Tuition is yearly based.

Annual tuition rate is $17,500/year.
Some families may be eligible for financial aid; the actual amount of tuition paid by such family depends upon that family’s financial resources. WorldSpeak Elementary School has stipends and sponsorship opportunities available to students. We strongly encourage applicants from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.



What is WorldSpeak Elementary School instructional program?

Our instructional program is designed to teach thinking, speaking and writing skills in multiple languages and to respond to the talents and needs of every child. We offer a broad curriculum through which children develop basic skills in a way that is relevant to their own experiences and interests.
Our students are encouraged to become independent and creative thinkers who can communicate their ideas and understanding clearly and effectively. Children at WorldSpeak learn to work together, to appreciate who they are as individuals, and to value each others’ diversity. Above all, we want our students to love learning.

Subjects in K and  grade classroom
Math – in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish
Reading and Language Arts – in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish
Writing – in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish
Life Science – in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish
Art – in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish

Health, Social Study – in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish
Public Speeches and Presentations – in in English, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish

Admission Process



Our admission process is designed to provide the school with students able to achieve a high level of foreign language acquisition. These are the students who have high academic abilities as well as good socio-emotional development. Children are not selected randomly. A child’s intellectual exceptionality or special talents are considered in the admissions process.

Previous language experience and second (third, forth) language knowledge is a big plus. For that reason, the priority in admission is given to WorldSpeak Preschool graduates. It includes WorldSpeak Language Center (Westwood) and other programs that belong to WorldSpeak network (Malcolm School House, Glendon School House, etc.) which hold WorldSpeak Educational License and follow WorldSpeak unified curriculum.

Can my child be admitted if he was not part of WorldSpeak preschool program?

Yes. We have spaces available for non-WorldSpeak children.

My child has no knowledge or a very basic level of a foreign language. Can she be admitted?

Your child needs to have some knowledge of a second language to be admitted.
However, some children learn really fast and have ability to catch up very quickly. That is why each applicant will be considered individually.


Is every child who applies to WorldSpeak School accepted?

We receive more applications than we have openings, so not all children who apply are able to enroll. Admissions are made to meet the needs of the multilingual school and provide the opportunity for students who already achieve some knowledge of foreign languages to continue the progress further and faster.