Language Immersion Preschool

Preschool in Spanish

Native Spanish speakers and teachers from Mexico guide children through a fun-filled day of activities. Children play musical instruments, create pieces of artwork, sing songs, build toys, and make wonderful friends. There is something for everyone and all while learning a new beautiful language!

Preschool in Chinese

The full-immersion Chinese program offers all-time favorite children activities including: circle time, music, art and story time. There is only one difference: WorldSpeak Chinese Teachers conduct these traditional preschool activities in a very unusual way – all in Chinese. Every teacher is a Native Chinese speaker and trained in the WorldSpeak method to make Chinese games and crafty projects fun and interactive so children feel engaged and happy.

Preschool in French

Greetings, colors, numbers, parts of the body, shapes, seasons, days of the week, most common expressions and much more. All the vocabulary is introduced through games and play! French Teacher Natalie is originally from Paris. She is one of our very first WorldSpeak teachers having been with the school for more than 10 years. So many families are familiar with our French Preschool Morning program and many of the children who started in our French preschool as babies are now in Le Lycee and other schools. Yet they continue with us after school and on the weekends!

Preschool in Russian

Our Russian teacher is a native Russian speaker and award-winning Russian teacher. Her classes include folk tales and poems, and children learn the Russian alphabet through songs, art and games.