Maestra Michaela’s Classroom

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October 2014

Week 4

We are so excited about our traffic sign week! We made a lot of different signs and more important, we learned about the traffic rules. We even had a role play of policeman and drivers in the playground. In the photo, we are making the traffic light.


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September 2014

This month, we welcomed our new friends for the new school year! And we had our Mexican cultural week. We learned about Mexican food, hat, musical instrument and etc. In the photo, we are learning how to make an order in restaurant.


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July 2014

This month, we learned about circus and animals- we even invited a petting zoo and had a small pirate party!


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June 2014

This month, we learned a lot about fruits and animals, but more: we did a lot of crafts and they are so fun!


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May 2014

This month we learned about :

Things that fly: Pajaro(bird), Avion(airplane), Globo De Aire Caliente (Hot Air Ballon), El Dirigible (Blimp) and Helicoptero(helicopter). They learned to describe and identify each object in spanish.

photo 1_meitu_1

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