November 2014 TK

November 2014


Monthly Academic Plan

November Math

Week 10
What number is missing in between
Counting up and down
Square Graphs
Fill in the missing numbers

Week 11-13

“One less then 10. One less then …”

Shapes. Pyramids, prisms, and other triangular shapes.
Cubes. Cones. Cylinderes.
Blocks. Spheres.

Homework samples:



November Language Arts

Week 10
Match letters and sounds of “h” and “r”
practice writing “e” and “s”
Read the book <The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers>

Week 11
Create “c” book
Match rhyming words of “h” and “r”
Read the book <The Berenstain Bears>

Week 12
Create “s” book
Match sound of “g” and “i”
Practice “l” and “t”
Write name

Week 13
Create “i” book
Practice the sound of “d” and “j”
Write “k”

Homework samples:


November Science
Learn about five senses
Describe different objects through five senses
Tactile experiences of different kinds

November Social Study
Map and Globe studies
Different types of maps and one or more globe
Bring them to school
Different landforms
Drawing of landforms
Mountains, Valleys, Lakes, Rivers
Bays, Isthmus, Peninsular

November Health
Body movements and activities
“I move To Be Strong”
Importance of Sleep
“My Body Needs Rest”

November Spanish and Chinese
Five senses
Movement and Healthy Eating
Importance of fitness
Travelling and different countries
Studies of maps
Different Landforms

November French
Verbs of motion
Eating right
Food in French