October 2014 TK

October 2014

Week 4

The new Chinese vocabularies are here!

Week 1

We are very excited to share our learning experience with parents! Please see the video of Chinese vocabulary here or below.


October Academic Plan

October Math

Week 6-8
Picture Graphs
Writing numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Counting down from 10 to 0.
Week 9
What number is missing in between.
Counting up and down.
Square Graphs.
Fill in the missing numbers

Homework samples:
math 1

October Language Arts
Week 6
Identifying sounds with letters, choosing items that go together, and matching letters
Story of Big Al
Practice numbers
Week 7
Writing and matching sounds for “k” and “t”
Practicing words beginning with “m”, “b”, “n”, “p”, “a”, “s”, “k”, “t”
Week 8
Dramatic play or create a song about big al
Practice sound “c”, “e”
Same and different
Week 9
Create “t” book
Practice sound “f” and “l”
Write lower case “o”, “g”, “c”



October Science

Animal homes
What do animals eat
Alive or Not.
What makes something alive?
Ocean habitat
Look for pictures in magazine, internet, in books on sea plants , shells, types of fish

October Social Study

What it means to be a friend
Friends and Strangers
The map of your home
The map of your yard

October Health
Keeping your body clean
Preventive diseases
“Stopping Germs Before They Stop Me”
“My Medicine Is For Me”

October Spanish and Chinese
Animals of the forests
Different homes of animals
Animals food
Ocean habitat
My home. My habitat.
Making a map of your home and yard
Drawing a map of your school yard
Discussions about health. Taking care of your health

October French
Body parts in French
All about Me