Our App for IPad/IPhone


Give your baby a chance to learn French, Spanish, Chinese, or other languages once you are “on the go”. In the car. In the restaurant. At home. Any minute, any place is an opportunity for a baby to learn a language and have fun!

Effective, easy and fun, it helps to learn a second language with joy and a tons of fun.

This authentic app was created by foreign languages teachers who work with preschool children for many years. They have taught more then 2000 children in more then 19  languages, and they still teach – every day – with lots of joy and fun!

This interactive and warm-hearted app is addictive in a good way. ☺

Why is WorldSpeak fun?

Here is what we’ve learned from observing babies and preschoolers
playing with WorldSpeak App:

1. Babies love PICTURES.

Bright funny pictures make babies engaged. Animated characters – animals, transportation, fruits and veggies – are inviting and fun.
Toddlers and preschoolers love to flap these pictures one after another.

2. Babies love CHOICES.

Four little icons are displayed in the bottom right and left corners presenting 4 topics activated at this time. Babies figure out things fast and they like to flip and change word groups, playing with topics and changing them. This app gives your baby a freedom of choice!

3. Babies love VOICE.

Voice behind the picture is SO important! Depending on a language you choose your will either hear a soft and happy voice of a mother, or a voice of a child – babies love big brothers and sisters!

4. Babies love MUSIC.
There is an option for background music. When the music is on it feels less like a lesson and more like a PARTY!!!

5. Babies love to LEARN.