Spanish Club and Berkley Hall Private School

March 2015

We just had our new class in the first week of March, and here is part of what we have learned:

– Yo tengo hanbre (I’m hungry)
– Me puedes dar un boli por favor? (Can I have a pen please?)
– Cual es tu animal preferido? (Which is your favorite animal?)

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February 2015

As our class continued, here is some new brief summary for the latest class in Berkley Hall:

– Que dia es hoy?

– Hoy es Martes veinticuatro(24) de Febrero

– Fecha(date)

– Me puedes dar una galleta por favor?

– Shyla es una chica excelente

– Liama es una chica excelente

– Gaby es una chica excelente y siempre lo seran.

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January 2015

Our outreach program in Berkley Hall Private School was a great experience for the students. We had great fun in learning Spanish vocabulary and sentences.

Here are the summary of our class:

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