WorldSpeak Chinese Classroom

Here are the videos of the books for preschool parents! Please check out the links below:

1. Wo ai wo de jia – I love my family

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Fall at WorldSpeak

We are doing great in the new month!

As we learn and grow up, we made a lot of new friends and developed useful social skills. In addition, we started doing more craft with little help – and they turned out gorgeous!


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The new school year has finally started, and we had so many new friends joining the WorldSpeak family.

We continued our learning journey of Mandarin, and many things more. Let’s take a look of the photos.


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Summer at WorldSpeak

Summer camp has been such a wonderful experience for both the teachers and the students.

We had a few new friends joining us this month, and some old friends coming back.

The learning is so fun. We learned art, music, traditional chinese painting, chinese food, and much more. Let’s take a look at some photos:


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Happy Fathers’ Day!!!

Please make sure to open our handmade presents and enjoy!



Summer Camp Science

After learning about how baking soda can make a volcano, we kept our learning going. In the last few days, we talked about oil and water.
Here are some fun photos:


Baking soda experiments are so much fun.

Happy Children’s Day to all of our friends! We had a great time making crafts and treats.


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Spring at WorldSpeak

Week 2

We just learned a new book! Click on “read more” and watch the newest video of us reading.

Week 1

Cinco de Mayo is so much fun! We had a great celebration in the classroom and a feast for lunch. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Look at the photos!


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We love reading!


Our learning speed is just getting faster and faster. This week, we mastered a new book.

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Week 4

This week, we have been practicing a lot of long sentences, and we continued learning about introducing myself and my family.
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Spring has come, and so does Easter. We had a great egg hunt last week.

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Winter at WorldSpeak

Happy new year everyone! Our new journey at WorldSpeak starts again.

We enjoyed our January Mandarin class very much. We kept up with writing and reading after the long holiday. Also, we had some fun making art and craft.

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